Oskari is an Open source distributed and extensible geoportal built with Java and Javascript. The goal is to help businesses and municipalities offer better online and mobile map services to their citizens and consumers. Take a look at the features it provides and the roadmap for things on their way. A sample application is provided as download and live demo. Read also development basics.

Issue tracking

Reporting issues for any part of Oskari: GitHub issues


Features that are planned on being added by the community:GitHub roadmap. Ones without additional "approved" label are still under consideration.


The documentation below describes the internal workings of Oskari and helps you to extend it to your needs and make meaningful contributions for the community!

Sample app

The sample app can be used as a template for building your own Oskari-based geoportal. Select functionalities you want to include and add your own application specific customizations for your needs like initial map layers, users etc. The sample app uses Oskari as dependency on npm for frontend and Maven for server. This is the app you get from the download page.

Source code for Oskari

Using a hosted Oskari - RPC

One of the features of Oskari is the ability to embed a map to another website. RPC-functionality allows a developer to control the embedded map and react to events on the map from the embedding website. (Read more)


The oskari-server is built with Java and Maven. It provides deployable webapps for managing and launching the user interface for Oskari-based apps. It also provides endpoints (action routes) for http-requests triggered by the frontend.