Live sites using Oskari


The most recent release version of Oskari is in use at Paikkatietoikkuna. Technical details

Map service of Tampere City

A service for viewing spatial data of Tampere City.

Finnish eGovernment portal

All Finnish public services are accessible through a single portal, where Oskari embedded maps are used in a number of contexts, e.g. for displaying locations of public services and for providing route instructions.

Suomi.fi Maps

A centralised service for public sector organizations for creating and integrating maps and spatial data into websites and digital services. Site requires login.


A Showcase Application for authoratitative, interoperable, cross-border reference data from Europe.

Arctic SDI

A geoportal providing a web map viewer to access the Reference Map Service covering the Arctic Region.

The Icelandic Geoportal

A development version of the Icelandic National Geoportal.


Liiteri provides information and statistical data about the built environment.

Spatial data service of Tampere City

Embedded map to view public services in Tampere City. Go to http://kartat.tampere.fi/, choose "Kartat" and "Palvelukartta (beta)".


The new regional map service of Western Finland.


A service for browsing and downloading spatial data of Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority.

Finnish Transport Agency

A service for downloading spatial data of the Finnish Transport Agency.

Real Estate Information Service

Browse up to date data of real estate information system of whole Finland. Requires registration.


A service for public permits, in the early stage only construction permits are handled. The map is available after registration.


A survey service for residents to participate in the local planning and construction. The map is used for example in the ‚ÄčHarava proto (click next to get to the 2nd page with the map).